Debates en el sector de reciclaje de pláticos

Critical Trends to be Discussed at Plastics Recycling 2017

The conference’s opening plenary session focuses on moving from buzzwords to best practices. Two of the terms that show up most often in the current era of recycling – the circular economy and sustainable materials management – are often misunderstood and misused. This session will bring the 50,000-foot-view down to Earth, with the connections between these concepts and plastics recycling explained by sustainability leaders at major brand owners and retailers.

Want to know where resin markets will go from here? Find out at Plastics Recycling 2017. Most players in the plastics recycling supply stream know the current impacts of low virgin values – but what’s coming?  What can reclaimers and converters expect to see in the next few years and what can the plastics recycling industry do to compete? In our second plenary session, expert analysts from IHS and SBA-CCI will share their view of the future markets for polyolefins, PET, and other resins.

Plastics recycling has a baseline truth to it: If there is no market for the post-consumer resin (PCR) produced, then none of the hard work and investment that went into making it matters. This session brings together some of the most innovative makers, converters, and users of PCR on the market. From converters to brands on the shelf, we take a hard look at the innovations that will keep the plastics recycling market strong into the future.

There isn’t a more hot-button topic in our industry than plastics in our oceans and streams. We have all read the headlines and we know how news on marine debris negatively affects the public’s perception of plastics recycling, and the plastics industry as a whole. You will want to attend this session to better understand how plastics recycling and recovery can help with this important environmental issue.

These are just a few of the critical trends that will be discussed at the plenary sessions at Plastics Recycling 2017. For a complete list of session topics, visit   


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